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Annual Registration: $25 if by Nov. 1; $50 after Nov. 1
Mommy & Me: $65/month
PreBallet with PreTap: $87/month
Ballet/Jazz/Tap/Hip Hop: $89/month
Level 1-2 *Special Rate*: $66.75/month (If taking Jazz or Tap Only)
Multiple Class Discounts
(Rates shown are monthly; Cannot be combined w/ Music; Pointe class rates separate): - 2nd Class (15% off): $75.65 (Total=$164.65)
- 2nd Class for Levels 1-2 Special Rate $56.75 (Total=$145.74)
- 3rd Class (25% off) $66.75 (Total=$231.40)
- 3rd Class for Levels 1-2 Special Rate $50.05 (Total=$195.79)
- 4th Class (50% off) $44.50 (Total=$275.90)
- 5th Class (65% off) $31.15 (Total=$307.05)

Unlimited Dance Classes per student including pointe $320.40/month

Pointe Classes (2 ballet classes required, cost is in addition to above rates):
One Pointe Class/Week $12/month
Two Pointe Classes/Week $22.80/month
Three Pointe Classes or more $30/month

Multiple Sibling Discounts (Applies to dance classes only)
Second Child 20% Off
Third Child 40% Off
Adult Dance Class (18+ yrs old) $18/class
Adult Class Card (18+ yrs old) $100 (includes 6 classes on a card)
Private Dance Lesson $43 - 30 minutes
$58 - 1 hour
$78 - 1.5 hours
Semi-Private Dance Lesson: 2 Students $88
3 Students $113
4 Students $128

Tuition is paid monthly toward a yearly balance through our secure
auto pay system.


30 Minute Music Class in Piano/Violin/Flute
$32 per class paid monthly
45 Minute Music Class in Piano/Violin/Flute
$48 per class paid monthly
60 Minute Music Class in Piano/Violin/Flute
$64 per class paid monthly

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Tuition is due the 1st of every month to complete yearly balance through June 2017.
Tuition is non-refundable.
AUTO PAY SIGN UP required. Two days before the first of every month tuition will automatically be charged to the credit card provided upon registering (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover)

EBILLS: All families will receive their bills prior to their due date via their primary email address provided. If not paid by the 10th day there will be a $10 late fee
If a class is missed due to an illness, holiday or snow closing, students or parents must call in the absence to the office and schedule a make up class.
Music students must call 36 hours in advance if they cannot make their scheduled private lesson time and must commit to their scheduled weekly lesson time for the term of the school year. Music students are allowed only 2 unexcused absences from private lessons. Make up classes for music must be coordinated with the office to check availability of your instructor.